Sam & Sina are Married!!!

It began similar to this…….

It began similar to this…….

It all began with the Otago University’s Kayak Club trip to Murchison. The hadn’t met before but after a few kayak runs on the Buller River they sat and chatted under the stars and Birch trees beside the river. It was a little chilly so Sam being the Kiwi gentleman that he is, lent Sina some clothes.

Back in Dunedin and Sina was studying for her exams. Sam invited her over for Risotto.

Fast forward 4 years and a return trip was planned to Murchison for more Kayaking. It was chilly and Sina wasn’t so keen on a second run down the cold fast flowing river but with a little convincing they paddled off where Sam popped the question.

Today, This Viking and this Kiwi celebrate, continuing their adventure through life together as a married couple.

Sina and Sam - Low Res - Ana Galloway Photography-125.jpg
Sina and Sam - Low Res - Ana Galloway Photography-148.jpg

I asked both Sina and Sam what they love doing together and without a seconds thought they unanimously replied …. anything outdoorsy!!!

Kayaking, climbing, skiing, running, mountain biking to name just a few :)

Sam loves Sina’s constant smile, but especially when they are out in the great outdoors. She achieves so much in the space of a day. He loves her attitude towards life which is infectious and energizing.

Sina told me that she loves Sam’s humour, his sporty mind-set and lifestyle. He is open minded and truly kind.

I can see that your life together is going to be packed with many adventures around the world, mountain biking, mountain climbing, running and of course Kayaking!!! Best wishes to you both and enjoy your outdoorsy journey together through life xx

A special thank you to Ana Galloway Photography for these awesome photographs.

Reception… The Old Barn

Jacqui Leslieblenheim